Sudan (North) is a 50-year-old country that has been ravaged by civil war for two decades. Sudan was Africa’s largest nation until it parted ways with the newly created Republic of South Sudan in 2011. The government is Islamic, though there are minority Christian communities in different parts of the country.

Oil is a rich economic resource, channeled through pipelines originating in South Sudan. Manufacturing and agriculture depend heavily on the River Nile, whose two main branches join at the capital, Khartoum. ALARM started serving the church in greater Sudan in 2000 in the midst of the second decades-long civil war in Sudan’s 50-year history.

Few parts of the country were safe from violence, which resulted in loss of life, insecurity, disease, displacement, destruction of homes and crops, theft of cattle, bombings, kidnappings, rapes, the loss of the innocence of childhood for an entire generation, and the denial of education leading to widespread illiteracy.

Even as many displaced South Sudanese people leave Sudan for the South, ALARM maintains its commitment to serve the community and the Church in the Republic of Sudan. ALARM is building the capacity of the persecuted churches in Sudan through seminars and workshops. Interfaith Dialogue for peaceful co-existence between Muslim and Christian religious leaders is yielding fruits in major cities in Sudan.

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