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The operations of ALARM South Sudan started in 2000. Today, ALARM has three regional offices in the Greater Equatoria, Greater Bahr el Ghazal and Greater Upper Nile Regions of South Sudan with the country head office in Juba. ALARM has also worked in Jonglei state mainly in Bor, Pibor and Akobo.

ALARM South Sudan, Sudan, has trained close to 9,000 leaders across the country in biblical theology, conflict resolution, forgiveness, mediation, leadership skills, trauma healing and reconciliation. ALARM’s programs are designed for grass roots church and community leaders, women, youth, government officials, teachers, military, police, and lawyers Christian professionals.

Identification of Conflict Issues in Twic East County

ALARM South Sudan’s Focus

1. Developing Servant Leaders

  • Christian Leadership Institute for South Sudan (CLISS) in Yei offers a three-year comprehensive Christian Education program for pastoral leaders, resulting in Diploma in Biblical Studies at the completion of the program. Students attend 8 weeks block of two semesters per year at the Institute, where they learn Biblical, pastoral and counseling studies; peacebuilding and leadership; agriculture; construction and community development.
  • Pastoral Leadership Training Institutes (PLTI) established in Warrap State, Gogrial East County equips pastors to teach more effectively as they serve their churches and communities. These men and women come for a three-year cycle of instruction in two-week blocks, two times a year. PLTI courses range from Bible and theology to communication, reconciliation, and leadership.
  • Women Leadership training.
  • Emerging Leaders Program: Equipping youth with skills to empower them by building their capacity in Servant Leadership, peace building and reconciliation in their communities and in their higher institution of learning.

Participants discussing the root causes of Conflict in their county

2. Reconciling Relationships

  • Equipping the church and community leaders in trauma healing, conflict resolution (biblical forgiveness, reconciliation, understanding conflict, understanding peace, ethnicity and peacebuilding, participatory conflict analysis, marriage and family counseling). These skills are used within the household, at the congregation and community level; and extended to political sphere.
  • Supporting the government and Christian lawyers in building peace and restorative Justice.
  • Involving women in peacebuilding and human rights awareness
  • Engaging in peer mediation and peace education
  • Mentoring youth in peace building and reconciliation

Discussions on Conflict Issues in Twic East County

3. Transforming Communities 

  • Women Economic empowerment through microfinance programs
  • Advocacy and justice through gender awareness, child protection, and advocacy within the church
  • Health promotion with HIV/AIDS effective programming and awareness
  • Educational empowerment by supporting Linda Primary School and Hope Secondary School in Lietnhom, Gogrial East County, Warrap State, and adults’ literacy programs.

Bishop washed the feet of the participants to symbolized Humility as Jesus did to his disciples a day before he was crucified on the cross

Current Projects

  1. Psychosocial Support Project for Bor and Pibor Communities – Jonglei and Boma States
  2. Trauma Healing, Peace building ad Reconciliation Project for Members of Parliament and Religious Leaders
  3. Christian Leadership Institute of South Sudan (CLISS) in Yei
  4. Pastoral Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) in Lietnhom
  5. Microfinance and community transformation for women in Yei
  6. Christian Lawyers Association of South Sudan (CLASS) in Juba

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