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Sudan: Church Planting and Expansion Program Session 2

Sudan: Church Planting and Expansion Program Session 2

Since a transitional government took over in August 2019 after 30 years of autocratic rule, Sudanese Christians have tasted freedom for the first time. No one is certain that these freedoms will last. When the three years of transitional government expire, anything could happen in Sudan, which doesn’t have a history of democracy. Because of these uncertainties, ALARM, in partnership with 8 Sudanese denominations, is training Sudanese church planters and missionaries to rapidly spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and establish vibrant Biblical churches that will begin to transform families, communities, and even nations.

The program’s participants come from a variety of ethnic, racial, and denominational backgrounds. Some of
the participants are from Islamic communities where there is not even a single Christian among them. Others come from Muslim communities where Christianity is not common. Despite their differences in backgrounds, each of these participants shares a passion and boldness to preach the Gospel and minister to the Sudanese communities and take the Gospel into villages where the name of Christ has never been preached.

In December 2020, the second workshop of the ALARM Sudan Church Planting and Expansion Program was successfully implemented. 60 beneficiaries are students of this program and on April 25th – May 8th, 2021, 49 of these students completed their second workshop. Due to a variety of reasons, the other students were unable to attend the second workshop. After the completion of the first workshop, these participants were motivated to start implementing in their ministries what they had learned. During the second workshop, the Church Planting Coordinator was able to identify participants who are reliable, dedicated to their work, and proved to be spiritual. It is upon the shoulders of these individuals that the mission of church planting rests.

As these participants continue in the curriculum, they are learning how to effectively spread the Gospel in sensitive areas. These participants are motivated and equipped to plant churches and those who recently converted to Christianity are now able to understand the Bible more deeply. Most of the people who are being reached by these missionaries are ready but just need someone who will point them towards Christ and disciple them to remain faithful to Christ despite the persecution.