Long-Term Projects


The Brenda Tailoring School

The Brenda Tailoring School was founded as a response to the education gap for women in the DR Congo. The program was founded in 2006 with 6 students and has since graduated 433 students including 424 women and 9 men. After being trained in sewing techniques, the graduates receive sewing kits and are able to create sustainable business ventures that provide a stable income for their families.

The Institute of Women for Excellence

The Institute of Women for Excellence (IWE) is a girls’ boarding school that was founded in 2006 with a mission to educate and train a new generation of female leaders who are skilled in science and technology and are committed to servant leadership and peacebuilding in their communities. IWE provides each student with a conducive learning environment and psychosocial support. 520 students have graduated from IWE and many have continued their education through vocational training or university.

Cyimbili Coffee Plantation

The Cyimbili coffee plantation of Rwanda exists to bring back life to the Cyimbili community by rehabilitating and expanding the plantation that existed prior to the genocide but has since been neglected. ALARM Rwanda began partnering with the Baptist Church in Rwanda in 2009 to revive this plantation. This project provides job opportunities for the community and works to train farmers on agricultural and business techniques as they grow and sell coffee beans.

The Pader Technical School

The Pader Technical School in Uganda was founded in 2011 and has since educated over 995 students. This school is a polytechnic school that trains students in skills such as fashion and garment design, building and construction, building and concrete, agriculture, computer science, automotive mechanics, and carpentry and joinery.
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Linda Primary School

The Linda Primary School is part of the ALARM South Sudan strategic approach to provide South Sudanese children with an education and hope for the future. Founded in 2000, Linda Primary offers grades 1-8 and currently has 700+ enrolled students.