The United Republic of Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa. It is bordered by Kenya and Uganda to the North, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the South. The country’s eastern border lies in the Indian Ocean which has a coastline of 1,424 km. Zanzibar is a part of the United Republic of Tanzania and consists of two main islands of Unguja and Pemba and a number of small islands.

ALARM  is registered in Tanzania as NGO.

Strategic Focus Areas

  1. Servant Leadership Development: Through training workshops and conferences ALARM Tanzania trains church leaders, women, youth, community leaders and local government officials, in principles of servant leadership, good governance, mentorship, appreciating diversity and community initiatives. In addition, ALARM Tanzania targets untrained leaders in church to build their capacity in servant leadership through a three-year spaced program tailored to meet the needs of the target groups.
  2. Peace Building, Justice and Reconciliation: ALARM Tanzania equips Church leaders, government and community leaders, women and youth, with skills and knowledge in their roles in peacebuilding, understanding conflict, conflict prevention, conflict resolution, mediation, biblical forgiveness, reconciliation, human rights, gender-based violence, trauma healing and social justice
  3. Community Transformation: At the root of ALARM Tanzania’s economic empowerment initiatives is the desire to break the cycle of poverty while encouraging and facilitating reconciliation from tribal, denominational, religious, gender conflicts, among others. Lives and communities are transformed and developed when, leaders (both men and women), women, men, and youth are equipped with skills and knowledge. They are later facilitated to address socio economic challenges through individual and communal projects for sustainable livelihood and social co-existence.


 Servant Leadership Development

  • ALARM Tanzania 2018-2020 trained 60 Pastors from various denominations ni Southern Highlands Region (Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe, Ruvuma, and Katavi).
  • Year 2018, 120 pastors’ wives were trained in Moshi, Kilimanjaro as part of the Women Leadership Training. They were equipped to support Pastors in leadership roles in their respective churches.
  • The same year 150 church elders, deacons and pastors with women and youth leaders were training in Arusha on Servant Leadership.

Peace Building, Justice and Reconciliation

  • For the past three years 2018-2020 ALARM Tanzania facilitated trainings on peacebuilding and reconciliation to Christian Lawyers in Pwani (20), Dar es Salaam (20) and Zanzibar (30) who in turn formed, trained and supported groups of paralegals working in churches who provided legal supports to more than 50 church members especially women and children in those regions.
  • ALARM Tanzania in collaboration with The Bible Society of Tanzania distributed 500 Bibles to Pastors, women and youth living in Nyarugusu Refugees Camp (Burundians and Congolese) and also to children living with Albinism and their Caregivers at Kabanga Centre in Kigoma region. This was after a three days training in Trauma Healing to 60 participants (40 Pastors, 10 women and 10 youth)

 Community Transformation

  • ALARM Tanzania between 2018 and 2020 facilitated women in Zanzibar through trainings to form savings and loans groups which comprised of Muslims and Christian women as part of addressing religion conflicts in the islands, and promoting co-existence among them.
  • A group of 30 members named Ebenezer, is performing wonders in Zanzibar. The members have saved, borrowed and invested in various business ventures. 12 trainers of the savings and loans groups were trained in Shinyanga from 6 church members of the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT), who formed 12 groups of 360 members in their respective churches.
  • ALARM Tanzania provided leadership, entrepreneurship, and Gender-based Violence training to 270 members the Community Microfinance Groups, Village Community Banks (VICOBA) in Msongola Dar es Salaam. They were also introduced to a new National Microfinance Policy (2017) which was launched in September 2020.

Organizational Partners

ALARM Tanzania has partnered with different partners at different times on different project activities; these are some of the partners:

  1. Bent Tree Church, USA
  2. Issachar Foundation, Grand Rapids, MI – USA
  3. Help for Brothers International, Germany
  4. Bible Society of Tanzania
  5. Jamii Impact Financial Inclusion Limited, Tanzania
  6. Uhuru Microfinance, Germany
  7. Mennonite Central Committee, Tanzania Office

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