General Funds

All donations made to General Funds will contribute to the expansion of the programs and projects in each ALARM country and will provide support to the basic operations and the frontline staff who make the work of ALARM possible.

Country Specific

The projects and programs of each ALARM country are specific to the needs of the individual country. As we serve within each country, we continue to work towards our vision of one day seeing an Africa without violent racial, tribal, and religious conflicts. To support the work of a specific country, click below.

Long-Term Projects

Each one of the ALARM long-term projects serves its surrounding community by empowering and equipping those who are vulnerable. These long-term projects are platforms that allow community members to practice servant leadership and truly experience forgiveness and reconciliation. The operations and staff specific to each long-term project rely on the support of friends and partners of ALARM. To support one of our long-term projects, click below.