The Democratic Republic of Congo in particular and the World in general celebrate every 8th March women International day under 2 different themes.

For this month of March 2019, two themes were presented where one international entitled “Think alike, build smart and innovate for change and another national entitled «together for peace promotion, security and gender for the Access to the public quality service”

When analyzing the two themes, as we come in DR Congo, the Juridical instruments both national and International is considered as slogans because they are never applied in terms of women. The proof is that no one cannot doubt that the inequality is seen in all  the layers and level of the country management although the law says on parity which means “Equality between men and women”

In Goma for Example, in all Jurisdiction of Judiciaries, means the courts and tribunals for both civilians as well as in militaries none of women who are the responsible of any Jurisdiction. The same is found in political domain, economics, security, religious and social, the majority are men.

While the constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Congo at its   Article 14 states that “the parity means equality, it should be applied in the management of public affairs between men and woman”. Something which is not applied DR Congo.

The issue is that, usually, women do not trust among themselves, they do not consider each other; some of them feel more superior than others, and others feel more inferior to others.

Apart from that, some women face bad treatment in their households where some men behave like chiefs, others women are victims of sexual violence.

All these issues mentioned above block women at all levels. That is why ALARM-Congo via the Peace Building Justice and reconciliation department organized such workshop for the ladies and gentle men in Brenda tailoring center.

This is why the ALARM organized this seminar with the center Brenda through its department of peace building.

The small topics developed

  • Law on parity
  • Women right
  • Equality between men – women in terms of rights (article 114 of constitution)
  • Challenges to face
  • Peace promotion of peace households


  • Popularizing the law on parity for women
  • Popularizing the law on women rights apart from parity law.
  • Encouraging women to overcome the fear and going ahead for their goodness.

Testimonies from participants:

  • BUNANI CIBALONZA (40 years old)

She said: Today I discover many new things on my rights that I never heard in my life as woman. I know most of women are not aware of the women rights.  I will take time to share with my neighbors.

  • MANIRAFASHA KIYONGA Sifa (18years old).

Sifa said: “As single girl; I am equipped at the right time because I receive all the orientations about women rights as well as the ways of living peacefully with others before I get married”

 NSABIMANA MAOMBI (23 years old)

Maombi said: “Being at ALARM Congo Brenda tailoring Center is for me a good opportunity of learning many things at the same time and without cost except my presence at school. I am experiencing God’ goodness since I am in this center. Today I discovered new things on women rights. I could not imagine that as human being men and women are equal in terms of rights. So many thanks to our facilitators for these important lessons”.


  • All the participants requested to help them regularly with the notions of Law.

Goma, 15 March 2019

Me Daniel et Me Isaac