ALARM UGANDA has been given an award by Uganda Police Leadership at the Uganda Police Senior Command and Staff College, Bwebajja. This is the highest institution of training for Police officers in Uganda. They award certificates up to Masters’ level. They also train officers from other countries.

ALARM Uganda has interacted with Uganda Police since November 2011. This partnership was inspired by the Walk to work riots that ensued after the Presidential elections when dozens of people died and many others were wounded. ALARM felt that as an organization in the Peacebuilding work, we couldn’t sit and watch but we had to do something. So, we approached the Police leadership to allow us to partner with them. After a long struggle, they accepted.

We have partnered together in training officers on Servant Leadership, Restorative Justice, Conflict Resolution and Trauma Healing. We have also worked with the Police to inculcate these topics in their Curriculum so that every new officer who joins the force is trained on these. They use our Module at Kabalye National Police training School for all new entrants.

For the last three weeks (from 23rd November to 11th December), ALARM Uganda has been training officers at the level of District Police Commanders and regional commanders at the Police Senior Command and Staff College Bwebajja. This training was done   in partnership with and Support from Conscious Coalition USA.

It is after this training on Friday 11th December that we received the Award.

We acknowledge that Uganda Police still has some challenges as an institution and there is a need for more improvement, but we thank God that they recognize that our partnership with them and our training have had a positive impact on how they do their work.