At an AEBR Church Kayonza in Eastern Province ALARM Rwanda donating goats to support the women initiatives

In the course of Women Leadership Training Institute (WLTI), every participant is expected to produce a report on how she puts into practice what she has learnt previously. In addition to becoming a model of leadership in their communities and churches, the graduates form groups that develop into cooperatives. This serves as an access ministry for them to do the ministry of evangelism, discipleship and community development.

Updating the budget of WLTI TOT Eastern Region in a meeting with the pastor who is our contact person in the region

ALARM Rwanda made a field visit in Eastern Province to Domitile and her local Church where WLTI TOT Region may be launched.  The overall goal of the follow – up was to monitor and evaluate the progress of the group, visit the bereaved family where one members of group passed away during this covid 19 pandemic to comfort the orphans and the family, and a family affected by calamities, and evaluate our preparedness to launch of WLTI TOT Region.

Domitile in a robe dress one of the beneficiaries receiving the food supply and the covid 19 preventive tool kit in our Eastern Province WLTI Follow up


Bishop Elizaphan, after narrating his story life and the story of planting the church  4 years ago from the very beginning and from nothing until they purchased the land the church now owns, he said” I am thankful to ALARM to have thought of what his family and the church needed the most: the food and the “goat project”. The food came at the right time when the family was having difficuties to make ends meet in their every day expenses. The “ goat project” will assist the church holistic approach of evangelism and discipleship through  small groups. And the project will assist us in sustaining the WLTI TOT Regional, in that, the produce of the project may assist in some of the WLTI TOT Regional expenses.

Domitile, “ We have been visiting one another in our women group. It is lovely to think about us and what can give us a start up capital in our creative innovation initiating income generating activities in Agri-husbandy business. It is an encouraging to our women group.”


  • ALARM part in the helping the most affected by the effects of COVID 19: Food distribution, “Goat Community Project Support”
  • A Demonstrated concern, care and love for ALARM beneficiaries in the far remote rural areas
  • Team work spirit in performing ALARM programs.


  • A big number of people in need of relief and preventive covid-19 tools.
  • ALARM Program beneficiaries now affected by covid – 19 who cannot be reached since this would require more complex logistics and necessitate an ALARM departmental strong car. They live in a very far remote rural area


  • To continue to raise funds to support those most affected by corona virus: the need of support is overwhelming.
  • Renew the effort of fund raising for the WLTI TOT Regional program
  • ALARM Staff have been affected as well in a particular way and need a special attention


  • Special thanks to ALI Staff who are encouraging and supporting the frontline ALARM staff
  • ALARM Rwanda financial supporters to receive our appreciation for helping us to serve the beneficiaries of this program.
  • ALARM Staff at the frontline needs appreciation for their tireless work reaching out to ALARM beneficiaries in the far remote rural areas.