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ALARM was registered as a Non–Governmental Organization (NGO) in DR Congo in  2000 with the North Kivu Provincial Justice registration. The final registration at the National level was signed by the Minister of Social affairs in June 2018 and then the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and Keeper of Seals in August 2019.

About ALARM Congo

ALARM DR Congo develops servant leaders in the DR Congo Church and community who reconcile and transform lives affected by conflict and injustice. ALARM 2016-2020 Strategic Plan guides the focus and the operations of ALARM-Congo. The issues in the country of crisis in leadership and governance.

ALARM-Congo therefore, works with leaders, training them in servant leadership and governance, challenging them to focus on the well-being of the whole community. True community transformation and nation-building can be achieved by and with servant leaders who respect humanity and seek to serve them.

ALARM-Congo has trained staff who work with church and community leaders in providing knowledge, tools and skills needed to change the narratives of different families, communities and the Nation of DR Congo.

General Peace Building Conference on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation

The three major ALARM Congo pillars and Program Strategies are

1. Servant Leadership Development

Through training workshops and conferences ALARM trains church leaders, women, youth, community leaders and local government officials, in principles of servant leadership, good governance, mentorship, appreciating diversity and community initiatives. In addition, ALARM targets untrained leaders in church to build their capacity in servant leadership through a three-year spaced program. For the selected church leaders we do have 2 special programs:

  • Pastoral Leadership Training Institute(PLTI) Untrained pastors, many from rural areas, are trained in biblical theology, pastoral skills, conflict resolution over three years period. Participants attend sessions twice per year, with each session lasting two weeks. During the time between sessions, participants are required to put their learning into practice and train others in what they have learned.
  • Women’s Leadership Training Institute( WLTI) Although there are some female pastors who attend the PLTI, ALARM started the Women’s Leadership Training Institute (WLTI) specifically for women leaders in the church and community. It operates in a similar fashion to the PLTI, but focuses on equipping women with leadership and biblical skills to be agents of change in their families, churches and communities.

General Peace Building Conference on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation

2. Peace Building, Justice and Reconciliation

  • ALARM equips Church leaders, government and community leaders, women and youth, with skills and knowledge in their roles in peace building, understanding conflict, conflict prevention, conflict resolution, mediation, biblical forgiveness, reconciliation, human rights, trauma healing and social justice.Under this area /pillar we do ALARM Congo has a specific program called: ALARM Congo Legal Aid Clinic that deals with children (under ages) in conflict with the law. The officers ( 2 lawyers and one social worker) defend them until their liberation from children prison, reunite them to their families or other relatives or put them into Transit and Orientation Centers(TOC).The LAC (legal aid clinic) defends also vulnerable people: widows, orphans and poor people who are unjustly or arbitrary arrested and those victim of corruption. Synergy of Christian lawyers is another group of lawyers that work under Peace Building, Justice and reconciliation.

General Peace Building Conference on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation

3. Community Transformation

At the root of ALARM’s economic empowerment initiatives is the desire to break the cycle of poverty while encouraging and facilitating reconciliation from tribal, denominational, religious, gender conflicts, among others. Lives and communities are transformed and developed when, leaders (both men and women), women, men, and youth are equipped with skills and knowledge. They are later facilitated to address socio economic challenges through individual and communal projects for sustainable livelihood and social co-existence. Under this specific domain, ALARM Congo has initiated :

  • Brenda Tailoring School where women, girls (majority) and young men and men (minority) are trained in sewing, cutting, entrepreneurship, family code, sexual violence awareness. They are trained within one year school which is ended by the state exam and received certificates given by the provincial division of social affairs. With such training they are able to create their own business and sustain their families’ life.
  • Water project in Nyiragongo territory. It is an area where people never experienced rivers, pipes that bring water from where else, they only live with rain water that is collected from houses’ roof. With the project ALARM Congo in collaboration with Water Is Basic (WIB) built Ferro tanks and collect much water from the roof and distribute filters in order to having clean water.
  • Microcredit project that consist to giving loan to widows, poor women in order to assist them in developing their own business. The program has a specific group that is called EVA. It is a group composed by pastors’ wives.
  • Orphan care; this program consists in paying school fees, school materials, uniform to a group of orphans.

General Peace Building Conference on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation

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