Our Conviction

The conviction of ALARM is that without a strong pastoral servant leadership, the African church will remain infant, tossed between different challenges, without spiritual growth and with less impact in the communities in which they have been called to serve as light, salt, and agents of peace, reconciliation, and transformation.

Our Passion

Our passion is to enable the African church to be an agent of change and transformation that goes deeper than superficial, nominal Christianity. Unless the pastoral and lay leadership of the church is equipped and strengthened, the African church will remain a malnourished infant in its faith and, therefore, unproductive in its spiritual, social, and economic responsibilities. We labor to enable the African church to be a tool of healing and holistic transformation of African communities. Pastoral and lay leaders are the keys in this process of helping African Christians think biblical, act and live responsibly.

Our Motivation

Being reconciled to God through Christ motivates us to empower African leaders to be agents of forgiveness and reconciliation in their communities.

Our Staff

ALARM’s staff continues to pray for our partners wherever they are. We know how much effort goes into the preparation of short-term training teams for ministry in Africa. We trust the Lord to open the doors of more churches and congregations in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world for the sake of the African church with its challenges in this 21st Century. Together we will overcome. The strong unity and victorious love of the Christian church will be powerful weapons to drive away the forces of darkness and evil from the hearts of men and women in our communities.

Our Goal

The goal of ALARM is to strengthen and empower the African church by equipping the untrained leadership with basic pastoral skill and ministerial tools. Our passion is to enable the African leaders to develop Bible-based churches that are spiritually vibrant and whose message is culturally relevant, ministering to the whole person, bringing hope and healing to the hurting communities. The aim of leadership development is to help men and women love what God loves and love as God loves, encouraging Christlikeness in their passions, their thinking, and their service to the church and the community.

Our Approach to Ministry

What is so different about ALARM is how we approach our vision. ALARM is African-led and African-staffed. This means that ALARM’s staffs have the latitude to make decisions, to do their work, and to dream for their nations. ALARM empowers these superbly qualified African Christian staff to do ministry in their own countries, where they’re intimately connected to the people, the languages, and the culture. From time to time, ALARM invites guest teachers and facilitators from the West and from other African Countries to augment the efforts and capacity of the African staff.